On my entrepreneurial journey, I have learned that it is up to you how much you want to discover, learn and build.

This was the inspiration for choosing the name of my business: Uptoyourself. 

It’s not just a reminder for myself, for all the people around the world, but most importantly, it is a reminder for YOU.

After frequently traveling alone as a woman (backpacking, hitchhiking, flying, etc.), I have met many fascinatingly diverse people throughout my adventures (Click here to follow my travel adventures on Instagram @uptoyourself.coaching).

Most notably, I’ve encountered amazing women: smart, ambitious, innovative, and eager to have businesses of their own.

But let’s be real. It can be challenging for women to succeed in the business world, which is mostly dominated by men.

While the times have changed, (and still changing thanks to globalization), I see more women craving more independence and desiring to live their lives on THEIR terms.

These women want to thrive so badly but often find themselves holding back.

It can be due to fear, an absence of confidence, or a lack of knowledge about business fundamentals.

And the results: Failure. Or worse, not even trying at all. Their ideas remain just a dream.

Have you ever thought about the last time you were unhappy or in a negative mental state? It was most likely due to not having any goals or any motivation to accomplish those goals.

Maybe there were expectations from other people in your life that kept you from pursuing your dreams.

Perhaps you tried something that didn’t work out which might be keeping you afraid of trying again. 

Conceivably, there could be other extenuating circumstances in your life that are affecting your insight and outer state of being.

If you’re unsure of your life’s path, it can destroy your motivation. Because without a clear plan, it’s far too easy to lose your way.

But luckily, a new chapter in your life has started and now it’s totally UP TO YOURSELF if you want to keep playing small or begin to thrive in your business and personal life.

You can learn the fundamentals of business, and find your next steps, so you can confidently take action in your entrepreneurial journey.

I honestly believe also that if everyone works together, we can build great things and great businesses in the world. I am always open to help anybody, despite gender.

I AM YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET COACH  if you need someone who can relate with your situation and feelings. With the right tools, Uptoyourself Coaching will:

-> push you out of your comfort zone and to think outside the box

-> help you understand how to create something and sell it

-> build up your confidence to achieve your online business goals

-> help you know the fundamentals of a business and what works and doesn’t in the industry

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