How to take POSITIVE ACTION while feeling negative emotions

CRY & CONQUER: 90 days to a stronger, more productive YOU

The 1on1 coaching program for people who:

  • love to constantly develop themselves
  • get out of their comfort zone
  • add productive changes with confidence in their lives, even when their are feeling negative emotions.

 Normal price 500 $  ONLY 97$ and the call is FREE

Within 12 weeks you will get:

  • Weekly 1 hour 1on1 Zoom Meeting
  • Workbooks, tools and formulas for building your confidence, self-care and productivity
  • I will be your accountability partner for tracking your performance and for support
  • Weekly ''GET IT DONE'' homework on implementing confidence, self-care and productivity strategies
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Krisztina Kiss


I’m Krisztina Kiss, entrepreneurial coach. I love self-development, but it wasn’t so easy to get always out of my comfort zone.

My lack of confidence, feeling often frustrated, insecure, sad and alone have just pushed me to procrastination.

I wanted to add changes into my life for my business growth and develop myself as a person. 

Have you ever felt like no matter what you’ve tried, did not went as expected?  Well, me too, until I understood what I really needed. 

And that was a strategic support.

Through mentorship, a ton of reading and trial and error I came up with a way to feel my feelings and still get things done.

I created an awesome strategy which you can implement in your life to gain more confidence, productivity and start adding limitless changes into your life.

The Cry & Conquer coaching program gives you access to the support you need to be confident – so you can still be productive even on your worst days .

What you will get in 12 weeks


YOU WILL: Get out of your comfort zone and become stronger


YOU WILL: Take care of yourself like a professional adult


YOU WILL: Add productivity to your skillset

Best Deal !!!

Normal price 500 $  ONLY 97$ and the call is FREE

The live course starts each Monday. You will get all the details via email, after the payment, including a time selection possibility for the weekly 1 hour Zoom Calls.

Build your strong mindset and get your confidence to add those productive changes in your life starting right now! Are you feeling good or bad? Happy or sad? Let your body feel the feels and do the changes anyway!