My name is Krisztina Kiss and I have dedicated myself to teaching women how they can always have a source of never-ending entrepreneurial mindset growth.

Know yourself. Escape mediocrity. Have a plan for solving a problem in the world and a plan for what you want to achieve in your life. This is the key to mastering your own “entrepreneurial” fate.

Did you know that:

– Only 40% of us truly know how to live on our own terms (Coaching Source: Cognition and Culture)? 

– Being an entrepreneur is maybe the only way to really have a control over your destiny (Coaching Source: Companyfounder)? 

– Awareness is knowledge & knowledge gives you automatically more confidence in your life (Coaching Source: Uptoyourself Blog)

If you don’t get to know yourself properly and you don’t have a clue what you want to do in life, someone else will decide for you!

I was born in a small town in Romania and raised in a very traditional culture. I always knew I was different – I didn’t agree with my parents’ mindset and life views, and I felt confined by my school’s rules and expectations.

However, because I respected my parents and teachers, I never voiced my true opinions.

As I grew older, I started asking myself: Should my parents’ culture and school’s teachings become my own by default?

Do I have to follow their lead, or can I be strong and fearless enough to forge my own path instead? I decided I had to find out for myself.



After I graduated with degrees in European Studies – International Relations and Law, I began searching for my dream job.

At the time, I really didn’t know myself well enough to know what I wanted, so I experimented with different positions. I worked as a sales assistant, a secretary, an assistant manager, and so on, but nothing stuck. They didn’t feel like ME.

I soon found out that to succeed in this world, one had to be a “soldier” – to have the motivation to develop oneself and continuously work to improve.

I believed I had what it took to be a successful entrepreneur, so I started my own online store.

Well, I failed. Why? Because I didn’t have the proper experience or knowledge, so my business went into flames.

The failure, however, didn’t put me down. I’ve always believed that failure is just an obstacle to success.

I took it as a learning experience that taught me that I needed to expand my horizons if I was going to make any sort of progress.

During my journey i really needed someone who could help me…


…But nobody came to help, so i became my own hero, solving my own problems alone, like it should be.

Do not wait for somebody to save you, save yourself like a hero does.


I took charge once again and moved on my own to a new country, Germany. I struggled for a long time, looking for help in all the wrong places.

I realized my failure wasn’t because I wasn’t strong, smart or creative enough, but because I was looking for a hero – someone to save me from my problems and hand me the solution.

In reality, we are our own heroes and when nobody came to my rescue, I had to save myself.

It took me only a couple of months living abroad to discover my true values in life. I wanted to become my own woman, to be in charge of my life and to do so, I started:

♥  Reading business books 

♥  Networking

♥  Masterminding

♥  Buying & Studying self-development & business courses

♥  Experimenting with what works for me and what doesn’t

♥  Writing & creating my own online content

♥  Traveling more and meeting new people


”Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, either you put your lipstick on and go to the next level, or you stay behind and procrastinate”


”One of the positive things of being an entrepreneur and a coach is that you learn how to ask better questions. This skill will not just help you to connect with others on a higher level, but will lead you also to a better understanding of what you actually need to do next for yourself.”

”It’s simple. Awareness is knowledge. And knowledge gives you automatically confidence.”


Creating and selling value online

At this point, after transforming all the successful activities into habits, not only has my productivity and motivation increased, but also my curiosity about what results I can produce consistently for myself and others.

Experimenting and consistency were my key elements for creating and selling online value for others.  

I designed a 30-minute crash course with all my insights on how to create and sell value to your ideal audience. It turned out to be one of my best selling (short and affordable) courses.

If you feel that this is something you can use to boost up your entrepreneurial mindset and your game in business, then check out the VC-Crash Course here.

However, being valuable in business is not just about solving problems for others but knowing the fundamentals of business. You must know yourself, know your audience, be able to communicate with them, be engaged, and of course, consistent.

I truly believe, as many entrepreneurs do, that letting books be your mentors is one of the best, fastest and cheapest ways to achieve your goals. Because of that, I designed a book club exclusively for women entrepreneurs.

There is a free membership and a lot of mentoring about how to turn the knowledge you learn into action. Plus, you’ll have an abundance of monthly book recommendations and free business resources. Feel free to join like-minded women on the Uptoyourself Book Club Express here.

Don’t forget to check out the Uptoyourself BLOG area too, where you can read (with a cup of coffee/tea/smoothie!) helpful and inspirational content written for successful women entrepreneurs.

Uptoyourself ‘s Dream, Vision, Purpose & Mission

The Dream

To see more women entrepreneurs on earth who globalize and empower other women to build great things in the world.

Note* To globalize means “to develop or be developed so as to make international influence or operation possible.”

Do you see yourself as a catalyst for international influence? How do you envision the future, globalized world? And how can you use your talents to bring about powerful, global change?

The Vision

To help women think and act like successful entrepreneurs.

The Purpose

To teach women how to build their own business, and escape from being a victim of society.

The Mission

To create courses, coaching programs and workshops that will help women start their entrepreneurial journey the right way.


Success on your terms is UPTOyourself

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