Life is a story and the main characters are us.

Knowing yourself, your talents and what you want to achieve in life is the key to becoming a master of your own fate.

My name is Krisztina Kiss and I am dedicating myself teaching people how they can always get the source of never-ending entrepreneurial growth.

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Only 40% of us truly know how to live on our own terms.
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Are you ready to discover your deeper self and live a happier and more fulfilling life?
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Coaching Source: Cognition and Culture
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If you do not get to know yourself properly and you don’t have a clue what you want to do in life, someone else will decide for you !

I was born in a small town in Romania and brought up in a very traditional culture. I always knew I was different – I didn’t agree with my parents’ mindset and view of life, and I felt confined by my school’s rules and expectations. However, because I respected my parents and teachers, I never voiced my true opinions.

As I grew older, I started asking myself: should by parents’ culture and school’s teaching also become mine by default?

Do I have to follow their lead or can I be strong and fearless enough to thread my own path instead? I decided I had to find for myself.

What you are currently doing is motivated by the progress that you want to make in life!

After I graduated with a degree in European Studies, International Relations and Law, I began searching for my dream job. I felt like I didn’t quite know myself well enough to know what I wanted, so I experimented with different positions – worked as a sales assistant, secretary, assistant manager…

I soon found out that to succeed in this world, one had to be a ‘soldier’ – to have the motivation to develop oneself and continuously work to improve. I believed I had what it took to be a successful entrepreneur so I started my own online store.

I failed. I didn’t have the experience or knowledge, so my business went into flames. The failure, however, didn’t put me down – I’ve always believed that failure is just an obstacle to success, so I took it as a learning experience, a progress of sorts that taught me I needed to expand my horizons.

During my journey i really needed someone who could help me…

…But nobody came to help, so i became my own hero, solving my own problems alone, like it should be.


Do not wait for somebody to save you, save yourself like a hero does.

I took charge once again and went on my own to a new country, Germany. I struggled for a long time, looking for help in all the wrong places. I realized my failure wasn’t due to me not being strong, smart or creative enough but rather, because I was on the lookout for a hero – someone to save me from my problems and hand me the solution. In reality, we are our own heroes and when nobody came to my rescue, I had to save myself.

It took me only a couple of months living abroad to discover my true values in life. I wanted to become my own woman, to be in charge of my life and to do so, I designed an individual training program which I named Cry and Conquer – Mindset and Confidence (=self discipline), Self- Care (=self optimization) and Productivity (=self achievement).

Self discipline is essential in every area of life and though most of us recognize its importance, very few actually do something to develop it. Self discipline isn’t about constraining yourself to a harsh or restrictive lifestyle but rather, exercising self control, a sign of strength.

  • Self discipline is a key ingredient of success as it entails a variety of critical abilities such as:

o    Perseverance
o    Self-control
o    The ability to not give up despite setbacks
o    The ability to resist distractions and stay strong in the face of temptations
o    Trying over and again until you accomplish what you set yourself to do

  • Self optimization is about finding the most efficient way to get where you need to be. Instead of doing the same things over and over again, self optimization teaches you to replace your old habits with the ones that foster growth and self development. Instead of staring mindlessly at your TV, self optimized people pick up a new language and are constantly on the lookout for new, exciting ways to improve themselves. Every day, you waste countless hours being unproductive – instead of having time work against you, channel its power and let it help you!
  • Self achievement is about what success means to you. Is it the amount of money in the bank or being able to afford a shiny new car? Material possessions and goals are one of the weakest motivators in life: for us all, the greatest success there is living a meaningful, rewarding life. By defining what makes you feel accomplished, you can start working on turning your vision into a tangible reality and gain better control of who you are and what it takes to become the best version of yourself.

For most people, success is about what they do, but in my coaching programs, I strive to show women an alternative: success based on who you are.

Success is about authenticity: it’s not defined by what you can or can’t do. Rather, it’s a matter of self achievement and I want to help you see success as something you can achieve on a daily basis, shift your perception to see success as a journey rather than a vague destination.


  • Self discipline: if you can work hard to achieve self discipline in one area, this skill will start leaking into every area of your life. I got inspired by a famous study from Baumeister who found that students walking with a book on their head to fix their posture eventually improved their eating habits, started studying harder and managed to get better sleep. They didn’t try to do any of these things but because they developed their sense of self discipline, their brains took take of the other changes as well.


  • Self optimization has provided me with the strategies to equip me for success. It’s not about taking the path of least resistance but rather, finding the most efficient way to get where I needed. I learned better time management and realized I was able to carve enough time in my ‘hectic’ everyday life to do what I needed to become successful.


  • Self achievement was the buzz of happiness I got every time I achieved something. I felt lighter, happier and more accomplished, and the feeling was proportionate to the effort I had to put in and the obstacles I had to overcome to get there.


I believe you shouldn’t be afraid of challenges. More often I would even challenge myself because the process of overcoming the obstacle-filled me with a greater sense of self-achievement than anything else. I believe this is related to a general need for closure – we feel compelled to complete things so we can finally let go of them and redirect our attention to the next goal.

By discovering the real you through the CRY AND CONQUER process, you can do more in every aspect of your life:


  • Progress: how much progress is ‘enough’? When can you stop working on yourself and be content with what you’ve achieved? I coach people to stop asking this question as it’s irrelevant: progress is intertwined with success and life-long development is the key to self achievement.


  • Confidence and self esteem: you are the master of your own fate. When you rediscover your own self, you become more confident in who you are and what you want and gain the strength and power to pursue your goals and dreams.


  • Unique opportunities: I coach female entrepreneurs to discover business opportunities that match their talents and strengths. In this way, we can transform your passion into business acumen, helping you discover your role in life.


There’s a widespread misconception that if you don’t achieve success quickly, your goals are not worth pursuing. In reality, however, success is not about arriving at your destination: it’s the very journey you undertake, during which you discover your true self, your passion, your talents and what you need to become the best version of yourself.

My Philosophy

I believe that everyone should be able to raise and educate themselves. The way you were brought up and the education you received in your childhood is a great shaping force but more often than not, there might be a discrepancy between what you were taught you are, and what you feel you are. You are not constrained by your past – rather, you are the only one who decides what your future holds and who you want to become.

We are fortunate enough to be gifted with free will and all the resources we need to achieve our dreams: learn to be brave and take advantage of this!

The result is determined by the way we get there. Let’s explore coaching together.

With Uptoyourself (UTYS), I teach women to not be afraid of failure. To accept life with its ups and downs and help them realize that sometimes, things go wrong and when they do, it’s a fantastic opportunity to close the chapter and open a new one.

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