The Importance of Designing Your Ideal Lifestyle Business

“What Motivated Me Design My Lifestyle Business”

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Have you ever dreamt about starting your own dream Lifestyle Business, but for some reason, or another you have not been able to actualize your life vision yet?

Or you already own a business, but feel stuck and trapped by the daily operations and management of it?

Why it is essential to design an Online Business that suits your lifestyle

If you have identified intuitively and passionately that starting a Lifestyle Business is for you, then I would recommend designing a business which fulfills your personal lifestyle requirements along with automating it.  

Reason being is that most people when they leave their 9-5pm career, to start their own Online Business end up being trapped in another 24/7 job.

Designing your own ideal Lifestyle Business means developing something that is innately fulfilling and flexible; whereby you have more quality and valuable time to tap into your creativity and to spend more time with family and friends.

This is what automating some of your Business Systems and Processes provides as well, so that you can focus on adding more value and offering solutions to your prospective clients.

The automated systems work partially on your behalf to enable your online business to easily become more scalable, easier to duplicate and to earn passive income.

This is all without you needing to be there 24/7 to manage your Online Business daily operations.

As an Entrepreneur, you want to be in the position of having a 360 strategic overview of your business.

By doing so, you have more flexibility to focus more on building stronger collaborative business relationships. It enables you growth in your business to network more in communities where your prospective clients hang out so that you can identify key themes and trends of problems and solutions they are looking for.

Then eventually, you can create content, or produce products and services that address their needs. Or alternatively, offer pre-existing products and services of other businesses.

Additionally, the most successful entrepreneurs create the room and space, to continue focusing on their continuous self-development process.

Well, you are not alone as many Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners find themselves in similar predicaments, which leave them feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unable to overcome self-limiting beliefs.

Nowadays, more women are seeking to start their ideal Online Lifestyle Business, due to motivating factors such as personal fulfillment in life, the flexibility to work independently from anywhere in the world and the opportunity to tap into their creativity by being their own boss.  

They are realizing that a lifestyle business could afford them more free valuable time to be with their family and to support them with minimal restrictions.

There is also an influx of newer age Lifestyle Business Owners, whose sole concept is about moving away from the traditional brick and mortar business, to a more innovative digital and automated business.

This type of Digital Nomadic Lifestyle is not for everyone, as the journey of becoming and being an online Female Entrepreneur can also be isolating.

I believe Life challenging events happen for a reason. Part of it forces some of us to re-evaluate our lifestyles. For some of us, it propels us to actualize our trustees potential in life.

Some Examples of Systems and Evergreen Products that you can automate in your Business are as follows:

1. Social Media -Posts, Messenger, Pages, and Advertisements

2. Sales Funnel and Customer Acquisition processes by establishing Automated Email Marketing and Landing Pages.

3. Live Webinars which can be repurposed into an Online Course

4. Online Business Products, for example, Digital Courses

5. Online Business Services turned into video content based on your clients frequently asked questions

6. Video and Voice (Podcasts) Tutorials

If you do not feel confident in establishing the areas above, you can also outsource some of the services to Freelancers and Virtual Assistants.

This includes outsourcing the technical aspects of creating landing pages, automated emails and Social Media management.

If you have not created products and services yourself yet. You can also promote Digital and Internet Marketing products on behalf of other Specialist Professionals and Business Owners that you wisely connect with values.

You can automate these processes, thereby enabling you the opportunity for you to dedicate time implementing what you are learning.  

My recommendations for you based on my own personal and professional experience

This is especially if are seeking to design your own Online Lifestyle Business:

1  Identify your reason why and purpose in life, this is what will become your key driver in achieving results and in persevering through the challenges that come with being an Online Female Entrepreneur.

2  Once you have identified your reason why and purpose in life, start learning and educating yourself in that specific specialist area. This is what will enable you to be in service and to provide value in other people’s lives. Also, enable you to define and identify who your ideal Customer Avatar

Leverage off existing Online Business & Marketing systems and processes, this alleviates the pressures of having to independently start your systems from the onset.

Work with a Business Coach, or Mentor who is the same line of business that you are interested in pursuing. Some who also aligns with your core values and ethics in life. So that you can learn from their experiences and achievements. I would also recommend joining Mastermind Groups for extra support from peers and to attend regular Networking Events in your specialist area.

Focus on developing a positive and Millionaire Mindset through the process of self-development. This is how some people become very successful in developing sustainable businesses.

6  Work On (not) IN your Business by letting it work on your behalf, through automated systems and processes. “Automate, But Keep it Human” – Tara Zirker 

Thank you for taking the time to connect with me and to read my article. I hope that you have found some valuable information to help you with designing your ideal Lifestyle Business. Should you wish to learn more about how to design your ideal Lifestyle Business. Or have any questions feel free to connect with me via my Facebook Page.

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